Winter Fields in the Palouse

Winter Fields in the Palouse

This is another example of the fine detail and delicate tonal gradation possible with the combination of the f/6.3 Kodak Anastigmat and Ilford XP-2 film.  The Palouse is a vast rolling grassland in Southeastern Washington, formed from thousands of years’ accumulation of loess (windblown silt).  The rolling hills are now wheatfields dotted with farms and occasional herds of cattle.  The landscape has a beauty that changes with every season, from the delicate lines of winter stubble to the green of spring crops.


2 Responses to “Winter Fields in the Palouse”

  1. Mike Connealy Says:

    Nice job on that Palouse landscape. I haven’t tried many landscapes with my old folders, but they are obviously up to the task.

    • randcollins Says:

      Thanks, Mike. If you ever want to try your old cameras and want help, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

      T. Rand Collins PhD MD, LLC Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Senior Vice President, Western Operations International Health Care Providers 2098 Buckingham Road Duncan, B.C. V9L 6X7 Canada

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