The Farm on the Hill, Washtucna

The Farm on the Hill, Washtucna

Somewhere in the rolling Washington Palouse country east of Washtucna, I saw this farm peering over the crest of a hill.  Attracted by the interplay of the lines of the stubble with the panorama of this immense field, I let my eye be drawn to the distant farm.  Positioning it as the focal point of this image to give scale to the vastness of this wheat field, I exposed XP-2 with my 1928 No. 1 Kodak at f/22.  Note that the sense of space is achieved with only a “normal” lens- no wide angle was available in the era when this camera was made!


2 Responses to “The Farm on the Hill, Washtucna”

  1. M. Burnham Says:

    Just found your site looking for information on old Ansco cameras – this is such a beautiful photograph and I appreciate all the great information you have here. (I’m probably going to buy a 4×5 view camera soon…)

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